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About Blue Eagle

Our Values

To provide the best service that meets
the best international standards and
raise to the aspirations and interests of
our clients. 


Our Goals

• To be a reason for the recovery of
the Iraqi economy and that of the
surrounding countries.
• To be a mean to facilitate and
reactivate the land transport between
Iraqi cities.
• To expand in the Iraqi market, which is a goal that is being considered and planned for to be achieved soon.

Who we are 

We are a Jordanian – Iraqi – British company that was established in Jordan in 2006, and licenced by The Arab Union of Transport with expertise in land transport and shipment clearance and delivery through the Iraqi borders crossings. We have agents worldwide covering all Europe, all Southeast Asia, USA, Brazil, Columbia, Australia, The Middle East and Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Our staff 

Our staff members are trained and certified to transport various goods of all kinds. Our team of 18 drivers are certified to handle hazardous goods,
chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and other goods. Our staff members are also specialised in selecting suitable boxes and pack them to protect their content, as well as the delivery of shipments from
and to the warehouse.

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