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Blue Eagle Services

Transportation Solutions

We offer full-service transportation solutions for all types of goods regardless to their transport conditions and requirements owing that to our Iraqi refrigerated trucks dedicated to transport your goods at the optimum temperatures required whether they are pharmaceuticals and medical supply, tools, generators, food commodities, grains, beverages, cosmetics, perfumes or other goods.

Logistics Support

We provide logistics support services and examine Iraqi Letters of Credits (LC) and Iraqi shipping contracts to reconcile between the LC and the shipping terms. We then schedule freights execution and payment release according to a master plan.

Container Load (LCL)

We provide Less-than- Container Load (LCL) service where we divide a single consignment into several small consignments with varying temperature-control conditions to be distributed and delivered at several delivery locations all in a single bill of lading each time.

Free Warehousing

We exclusively provide a free-of-charge warehousing service until the end of the period agreed in the contract for the collection and the delivery of consignments.

Paid Warehousing

We provide paid warehousing service for the goods intended for long storage periods before shipping.


We provide insurance at large international companies - such as Lloyd’s UK - at competitive prices that are only offered to us.

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